August 23, 2017


  1. Packing ,removal and relocation services.

Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria Ltd RC 1469597 manages all kinds of relocation needs, from your homes to offices, shops, churches, schools, supermarkets and stores, etc. With our wide spread network of  haulage business partners across Nigeria, we ensure safe movement and timely delivery. We are positioned to provide all necessary logistics/haulage facilities to back you up whether you are prepared to move or arrive at your new location. We are poised to deliver solutions to meet all your relocation needs.

Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria Ltd operates with a comprehensive skilled team that offers sophisticated packing, packaging, removal and relocation services to our distinguished clients. Whatever your requirements are, Sureways Inland Logistics will work round the clock towards meeting your logistic needs. We offer these services domestically. We pack, package, remove and relocate:

  • Furniture.
  • Household goods.
  • Personal effects.
  • Office effects.
  • Commercial cargoes.
  • Supermarket and stores.
  • Industrial relocation.
  • Church relocation.
  • School relocation.
  • Dismantling and re installation of mobile office structure and machinery.
  • Etc.

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  1. Vehicles And Heavy Equipment Transportation.

One area in which Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria Ltd has built high professionalism is “Heavy Equipment Transportation And Moving Bought Cars” from “point of purchase” to “point of order”. We move all kinds of equipment (light or heavy weight) safely including gadgets. We are able to attain this feat by our resolve to collectively commit resources to planning, time management, excellent customer relationship and good organization. In this light, Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria Ltd have all the in-depth know-how and capacity that are vital in handling vehicles and heavy equipment transportation across Nigeria. Our clients are led to trust us by our unmatched standing as a professional service provider as it concerns delivering vehicles and handling haulage/transportation of heavy equipment on a wider scale with speed and best possible competence.

  1. Light and heavy duty haulage/transportation services.
  2. Moving furniture.
  3. Moving vehicles.
  4. Loading and unloading.
  5. Packing and unpacking.
  6. Towing vans.

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  1. General Goods Delivery(Inland transportation)

Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria Ltd provides a well organized and regulated transportation/haulage services with a guarantee of safe handling of the clients commodities. We work towards delivering all products and goods in great condition, thereby providing absolute customer satisfaction. We use the best transportation/haulage facilities at our disposal to meet the needs of all our wonderful customers around Nigeria. Our range of service capabilities include :

  • 20 & 40 foot container carriage (Empty or loaded).
  • Door to door delivery services (Pick up and delivery).
  • Sales and supply of export rated cargo/reefer containers.
  • Full national coverage of all states in Nigeria.
  • Insurance coverage for all goods in transit.
  • Complete control and follow up throughout the shipment process.
  • All proper documentations guaranteed.
  • Delivery of reports and information at every stage of the operation
  • Modern comprehensive vehicle fleet.
  • Etc.

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  1. E-Commerce Logistics Services.

As one of rising stars in the east, Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria Ltd offers top-notch logistics solutions and excellent customer services to your E- business.

If you are operating a Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C) or Customer to Customer (C2C), generally meaning if you are running an e-commerce website we can help you deliver your sold items to your customers, safely and on the right time.

We give your E-business an edge over your competitors by offering home delivery services to your customers. We bridge the logistics gap between buyers and sellers.

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5. Family Relocation/Transportation Services.

We offer a very comfortable and affordable private transportation service for individuals that wish to move their family members from one destination to another Eg. From Town to “The Village”,“A Nearby Town”,“A Neighboring State”,“Excursions And Picnics”,”Weddings And Burials”,”All Occasions”,Etc.

We have highly trained drivers with years of driving experience that will guarantee you a smooth and excellent experience.

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6. Consultations.

*Consultations For ;
* International Trade Logistics(Import and Export).
* Logistics Planning and Coordination.
* Warehouse/Inventory Management.
* Fleet Management.

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    7. Project management.

At Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria Ltd, we hold in high esteem a good record of successfully delivering well organised and planned projects. As a projectized organisation, the importance of planning, executing, monitoring and closing of every project cannot be over emphasized in this chosen field of ours.

We therefore ensure that every single project is given an utmost attention for the benefit of getting the best result thereby satisfying the yearning needs of our customers at all times.

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      8. Facility management.

If you have your own storage facility, warehouse, business plaza, stores, hostels, hotels  and other facilities, but you feel it is not operating to optimum levels of efficiency, then Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria Facility Managers can help. We have highly trained professionals than can fully manage your facility, minimize waste, create better space utilization, select the right equipment, streamline operating expenses, and increase service standards.

Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria Ltd will run the day-to- day operations using all its resources to guarantee maximum facility efficiency .

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* Last Mile Delivery

Sureways Inland logistics Nigeria Ltd provides logistics services where we deliver to all customers to any location across the country.

* Payment on Delivery

Sureways Inland logistics Nigeria Ltd provides a service where we can collect payment on delivery rather than in advance for E-Commerce transactions, for other transportation and haulage services, the customer is required to deposit an advance of 30% of total quote, after which the balance of 70%will be paid after confirmation of delivery of cargo.

* Reverse Logistics and Returns

Sureways Inland logistics Nigeria Ltd also provides a service where we return all shipments to the originating location for the shipper to pick-up if unsuccessful. Shipper is contacted upon return to the location.

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