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We Are Recruiting!!!

Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria Ltd Rc1469597 requires the services of:  Secretary.  Sales Specialists.  Administrative Officers.  Website Administrator.  Operations Officers (Field Agents). Job Specification:   Secretary Location: Owerri, Imo State. Job Description A Secretary plays a supportive role in an organization. They are employed to undertake a variety of administrative and organizational tasks. Functions Secretaries help to Read more about We Are Recruiting!!![…]

Nigerian logistics industry performance so far

For the past ten to fifteen years, the Nigerian logistics industry has experienced great transformation. This great deed of transformation was as a result of companies needs to outsource most of their services to special service providers ranging from transportation to assembling etc. This event especially in transportation of products, be it incoming raw materials Read more about Nigerian logistics industry performance so far[…]

Vulnerability in Nigerian Logistics and supply Chain Industry

  The bad condition of major roads in Nigeria,insufficient road traffic devices,poor quality of pavements and driver incompetencies and recklessness are the main factors in an auto crash. Nigeria was ranked 149th in 2009 by World Health Organizations for major road traffic accidents,out 178 member states.(Sumalia,2013). Years Number of Cases Number of Killed Number of Read more about Vulnerability in Nigerian Logistics and supply Chain Industry[…]

The position of Supply Chain Analytics in Mitigating risks

  Supply chains have become more complex, especially those in industries such as consumer products, energy, and high tech that typically handle large volumes on a global scale. This complexity requires greater sophistication in terms of identifying and addressing risks. A number of analytical tools have been developed to mitigate or perhaps reduce the risks Read more about The position of Supply Chain Analytics in Mitigating risks[…]

Welcome To Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria

Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria began in 2016 with one objective; to digitize logistics management,from city to city,via any means of inland transportation.Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria is a complete transport/logistics company that provides logistics solutions to assist distributors,manufacturers,movers and packers,etc to meet all there transportation/haulage needs.